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Chatbots as a Novel Communication Method

What type of chatbots are there? How do you build them? Do you need to know Computer Programming? Do you need Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How is this related to Marketing Communication (MarCom)? An introduction and a quick hands-on tutorial is included to help you get started on this exciting new field!...

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Facebook Analytics for Messenger Chatbots

In a previous post we saw how to use Facebook Analytics for Apps (FAfA) to log events from a simple front-end application. We noted also that using FAfA to log events in the back-end of an application is a bit more tricky. In this second post about FAfA we look at how to use FAfA for tracking users...

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Facebook Analytics - Introduction

Collecting information on your application user base is an extremely useful activity which allows you to know how many users you have and, more important, how they behave. This information can be crucial to spot usability problems or other rough edges. In other words, analytics helps you make a better application. When you develop an AI application targeted...

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Web Application Security

I'm fascinated by Web App Security. The constant fight between adversaries and security experts has always thrilled me. Plus I love the algorithms and the math behind cryptography. In real life though, as a Software Architect, App Security is not a fun game; at least not always. This is my little story from January 1st 2016, and the...

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A quick intro to (a part of) AΙ

I'm involved in various aspects of Artificial Intelligence and I was recently invited to give a short talk on AI basics. Nowadays, AI seems to focus a lot on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and various types of Neural Networks. Here's a quick (and very basic) intro to some of these exciting methods. Use left-right arrows to move to...

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